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Get to know the Dallas Cowboys

The greatest joy one gets in life is with the realization that your work and play is the same thing! It is the dream of every individual to have their ambitions fulfilled and get a job that felicitates their passion as well. To work in an environment that facilitates overall growth, development as well as not dampen the passion and obsessions that makes a person tick is a dream. The same could be said for the fans of the professional American football team. The Dallas Cowboys who kick-started the official blog for the team called “Blogging the Boys”.

Every person who is a fan of any sports can be eager to know any new interesting news in those sports. So, in that sense, Blogging the Boys are made for Dallas Cowboy fan community provided by SB’s National website. They provide updates about Blogging the Boys regarding events, matches etc., simultaneously. You can get updates, chat through Twitter, Facebook and watch Blogging the Boys’ videos on YouTube.

What is Blogging the Boys?

Blogging the Boys is a blog of SB’s Nation’s which is also known as Spots Blog Nation and the owner of this sports blogging is Vox Media. It speaks about more sports but Blogging the Boys NFC football team is more popular. It created Blogging the Boys to ease the fans of the Dallas Cowboys’ updates.

The Blogging the Boys is full of information about Dallas Cowboys. The Blogging the Boys is a community for fans in which they share interesting updates about Dallas cowboys that you want to know all about the Dallas Cowboys. It is a good community website and blog created by SB’s nations which is focusing only on the single team content. But here we can get updates relating to any sports.

Blogging the Boys

Hence, blogging the boys is an SB Nation’s official Dallas Cowboys community for fans. They talk about Dallas Cowboys 24 hours 7 days. You can get update relating to Dallas Cowboys through Blogging the Boys throughout the year. The Blogging the Boys was started in 2005 and was always meant to be a community and online place for the Dallas Cowboys’ fans. The people who wanted seriously to discuss football and have some fun along the way.

Historical background details of Dallas Cowboys

It was almost 60 years ago when the Dallas Cowboys joined NFL – National Football League as an expansion team. The team is headquartered at Frisco and plays its leagues at Texas. In 2018, the team valued at 5 billion dollars, making it one of the most expensive teams in the world as estimated by Forbes, for the 12th year straight.

To celebrate and spread the awesome work of this dedicated team, the fans community of this austere team work tirelessly to record, document, archive and make it available to the public all the details and proceedings of the team in an online blog maintained wholly by the community called Blogging the Boys.

More about Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones is the owner of Dallas Cowboys and is one of the most famous football team. Firstly, the name for this Dallas Cowboys was Dallas Steers and after sometimes, this was converted into Dallas Rangers. The Dallas Cowboys was originated in 1960. The first session for this Dallas Cowboys took place in 1960 and from that time, this Dallas Cowboys comes into form and becomes famous. AT&T Stadium was the stadium in which the first session for the league took place.

The mid-’90s Dallas Cowboys are considered among the greatest teams in the history of the National Football League. Led by the “Triplets” — Pro Football Hall of Famers Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin — Dallas collected three Super Bowl rings in four years (1992-93, 1995). During that dominant stretch, Jimmy Johnson became the first coach to claim both a national title in college football and a Super Bowl victory in the NFL. In addition to Aikman, Smith, and Irvin, the Cowboys’ rich legacy includes such football icons as Roger Staubach, Tony Dorsett, Herb Adderly, Mel Renfro, Randy White, Bob Lilly, Bob Hayes, and head coach Tom Landry.

Some first(s) of the Dallas Cowboys

  • The first Draft Choice was held in Hall of Famer Bob Lilly, DT, TCU, in 1961.
  • First Regular-Season Game of Dallas Cowboys was a 35-28 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, 9/24/60.
  • The first Regular-Season Touchdown of the Dallas Cowboys was held between a 76-yard pass from Eddie LeBaron to Jim Doran vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers, 9/24/60.
  • First Regular-Season was won by a 27-24 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, 9/17/61.
  • The first Winning Season of Dallas Cowboys was in 1966 (10-3-1).
  • The first Playoff Appearance of Dallas Cowboys was a 34-27 loss to the Green Bay Packers in the 1966 NFL Championship game, 1/1/67.
  • First Super Bowl Appearance was a 16-13 loss to the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl V, 1/17/71.
  • The First Super Bowl of Dallas Cowboys was won by a 24-3 victory over the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl VI, 1/16/72.
  • First Pro Bowl Selection was WR Jim Doran, in 1960.
  • The First All-Pro Selections was of RB Don Perkins and LB Jerry Tubbs in 1962.
  • The First Cowboy Elected to the Hall of Fame was DT Bob Lilly in 1980.
  • First to Rush 100 Yards in a Game was held between Don Perkins, 108 yards vs. the Minnesota Vikings, 9/24/61.
  • The First 1,000-Yard Rusher was Calvin Hill, 1,036 yards (1972).
  • The First to Pass 400 Yards in a Game was held between Don Meredith, 460 yards and San Francisco 49ers, 11/10/63.

Some Most’s

  • The Most Career Rushing Yards was Emmitt Smith, 17,162 yards (1990-2002).
  • Most Career Passing Yards was Troy Aikman, 32,942 yards (1989-2000).
  • The Most Career Receptions was Jason Witten, 943 receptions (2003-2014).
  • The All-Time Leading Scorer wad Emmitt Smith with 986 points (1990-2002).
  • Longest Fumble Return was held between 98 yards (TD) by Greg Ellis vs. the Philadelphia Eagles, 10/10/99.
  • The Last Original Cowboy to Retire: RB Don Perkins, 7/18/69.

The current editors of the site

Its current team of editors includes Danny Phantom and Tom Ryle.

The editors in chief are:

  • Dave Halprin,
  • RJ Ochoa and
  • An anonymous editor who likes to be known as one cool customer.

The contributing writers include:

  • Connor Livesay
  • David Howman
  • Cole Patterson
  • Michael Sisemore
  • Michael Strawn

The official site itself hosts a number of blogs. This site contains an innumerable amount of articles on a wide variety of different topics. The topics can range from the latest news and gossips to information about past victories, old team members and the legacy it will be carrying forward.

How to use blogging the boys?

We already knew about the Blogging the Boys from the above information provided. Therefore, it is a fan community in which a fan gets information about their favorite sports team. Likewise, you can use Blogging the Boys by going to the blogging the boy’s website that is in which you can read the latest news regarding Dallas Cowboys, they are scheduled for their next match, their draft picks, training camp schedule, and NFL calendar.

You can also become members of this fan community especially made for Dallas Cowboys and post comments, quotes, and pictures. One need to sign in to the Blogging the Boys website by providing your username, email, and password and become its member and get the latest news and posts your comments. You can also read articles relating to Dallas Cowboys on this website. You can watch videos and hear audio of your favorite players. Also, you can follow them through Facebook and Twitter. The users of the blogging the boys will be absolutely the fans of the Dallas Cowboys. The members of the blogging the boys use the community website for many things.

What all is there on this platform?

On blogging the boys’ community, you have fan posts, fan shots, sections, library, StubHub and more. In the fan posts, you can post an article relating to blogging the boys. You can share links of various media, you make quotes regarding Dallas cowboys, images of your favorite players, upload videos of your favorite Dallas Cowboys match. In sections, you can get the following information:

  • 2019 free agency
  • Dallas Cowboys 2019 draft
  • Training camp
  • Preseason games

In-library, you can get 2018 draft picks, Dallas Cowboys blogrolls, blogging the boys’ community guidelines. In cowboys, you can see these information stories, schedule, roster, statistics, Yahoo cowboys news, Yahoo cowboys team page, Yahoo cowboys reports, Yahoo depth charts, Yahoo cowboys transactions, and Yahoo cowboys photos. On the StubHub tab, you can buy match tickets to a watcha football match in the stadium. In more, you can find shops to buy your favorite sports goodies and about the community. You can also follow Twitter account of blogging the boys which have 42.2K followers. Also, Facebook which has 128K followers and Instagram which has 2915 followers.

The Cowboys are the most valuable NFL franchise; valued at around 5 billion U.S. dollars in 2018. It was almost twice the average value of all NFL teams in that year. The Cowboys also generate the highest amount in revenue among all NFL teams, with revenues of over 864 million U.S. dollars in 2017. In comparison, the second-placed New England Patriots generated around 593 million U.S. dollars in revenue in that year. In 2018, the Dallas Cowboys were the most valuable sports team brand in the world.

About the Dallas Cowboys

The best 10 players of Dallas Cowboys are Roger Staubach, Emmitt Smith, Bob Lilly, Randy White, Mel Renfro, Larry Allen, Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, Tony Dorsett, and Jason Witten. They are the best Dallas Cowboys who have achieved much success awards as well.  They have also achieved overall high fame for their best part of playing.

That lasted until the team began to run down in the late eighties. Just when Dallas began, for the first time since it started winning games in its first decade, the team was purchased by Jerry Jones. And, no matter what you think of him, Jerry is one of the all-time great marketing geniuses in professional sports.

Blogging the Boys

Part of it is the vision for the brand he has. While the other 31 teams in the league have joined in a pooled revenue system for merchandising, Jerry has retained sole rights to the Cowboys and kept control of them. While some may snicker at some of his tie-ins, such as the in-stadium Victoria’s Secret outlet, it is hard to argue with the success he has had.

Speaking of the stadium, AT&T Stadium is part and parcel of the Cowboys empire, and it still the ultimate showplace of the NFL, NCAA football, the NCAA Final Four, boxing, major music concerts, and events and full contact pay-per-view Jell-O wrestling, in all likelihood. The fact that for the first few years it was Dallas Cowboys Stadium did nothing to hurt the air of glamour around the team.

Jerry Jones – The owner

The tremendously savvy marketing of the team and its image was all deliberate. There is a very unintentional aspect of things, and that is the unique and towering ego that is Jerry Jones himself. By making himself the general manager as well as the owner. He made himself far and away the most visible owner and GM in the league. Most casual NFL fans can probably not name more than a handful of owners – but they almost all know who Jerry Jones is.

Blogging the Boys

Ditto, GMs. Jerry winds up spending more time in front of cameras and microphones than just about any other non-player involved in the league. And once he is there, his, shall we say, quaintly unique way of expressing himself makes for incredibly riveting watching and listening. It’s like watching a car race: You always are wondering in the back of your head when the crash is coming, and how bad it is going to be.


The Dallas Cowboys have developed a solid fan base over the years, leading the league in average regular season attendance. More than 740 thousand people attend the home games of the Dallas Cowboys per season. The Cowboys are also very popular on social media with the largest amount of Facebook fans. The second largest amount of Twitter followers among teams in the NFL.

Now, we have seen that there is a huge fan following of Dallas Cowboys and they are famous all over the world. They have originated the new best premier football league which is taking fame all over the world. They are the most known football league and it has maintained its record for the best winning record. The historical background of the Dallas Cowboys has strongly maintained by winning so many awards in the history too. There were so many great players in the Dallas Cowboys. Now this time also we are continuously watching that many new and talented players are emerging and making the team proud.

The Dallas Cowboys have become the favorite team of the youth who have an interest in Football. Now, we can say that we need to learn tricks and tips from the Dallas Cowboys. They are continuously maintaining their record of becoming one of the best team. Now, the team has achieved success and many good reviews regarding their success. So, there are many interesting historical facts which we have already discussed in the above article. We have learned many key facts about the Dallas Cowboys and how the team becomes successful. So, this blogging the boys is all about the Dallas Cowboys and the achievements of Dallas Cowboys.

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