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A Fascinating job of Social Media Marketing

Best About Social Media Marketing

Are you the biggest addict of social media? Yes means you are the one who uses social media simultaneously. You need to know about one thing that is social media marketing and different social media marketing jobs. Let us start.

What is meant by social media marketing?

Social media marketing means the process of getting online traffic to your website and getting attention by the way of social media platforms. Social media is the term which covers all the terms for sites that completely differ from each other in their functioning. For example, Twitter is a social site which gives access to the people to share their short messages and updates with others. Contrary to Twitter, Facebook is an immense social media site which provides access to the people not only for sharing short messages and updates but also for sharing photos, to join any events and various other activities.

social media marketing jobs

A search marketer and search engine are the two terms which are almost related. For instance, social media offers you the findings of new content like a new story or a new update. With the help of social media, we can create links which will give assistance to Search Engine Optimization. In order to find some interesting social media content, people often search on different social media sites.

The social network also gives significance for the relevancy of search results which may be either with social media connections or in a mainstream engine. Social media marketing jobs include working with all aspects of internet marketing which provides a tremendous growth to an organization. They are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Now, are you interested to know more about social media marketing? In this article, you can know more about social media marketing benefits, a list of social media marketing jobs, its nature of work and its earnings.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

There are many benefits given by social media marketing. The significance of social media is always different in many aspects. If you have an E-commerce website, then you wish to increase online traffic to your website. So, you like to get help through Search Engine Optimization. So, your business can be benefited by tons of social media searches. Social sharing and backlinks provide assistance to increase online traffic and visitors’ counts. Social Media Marketing is helpful in improving online traffic to your website and other related content that you have.

social media marketing jobs

In spite of increasing traffic, social media marketing does have many other benefits. The foundation of Social Media Marketing is the building of a relationship with customers. This, in turn, will develop a sense of trust in the customer’s mind about you which will build sales and increase your income. This basically comes under social media marketing jobs. Social media connections provide you valuable opportunity to find out the right people for your website and comprehending their interests and their obstacles which will add value to your website.

1. Progressive targeting

Social media marketing is the one through which you can target your audience for your website exactly.  You can discover your target audience by the way of what they are speaking about and the data which is associated with their profiles on social media. This creates the biggest advantage for brands which has a niche and local market. Thus, you can make use of social media marketing to find your target audience and give solutions to their needs and problems.

2. Direct approach target audience

Social media marketing gives access to you to connect to the target market, prospects and to your target audience at any time. Some stages of social media marketing allow sharing your contact details to your target audience so that you can connect with them. You can make use of this information and you can also inform them about your current promotion, special offers, new products and so on. The best thing is the one that is it is available at free of cost. This is an excellent way to sale your current products and services according to their interest.

3. Creating brand awareness

Through social media, you can market your business to thousands of persons all over the world at any time. By this, your brand can develop an impression on your target audience that you have.  Someone can visit your website and they can share your post so your online presence develops larger.

4. Lesser advertising cost

Making advertisement on social media is less costly than printing flyers. For instance, the Facebook ad campaign will reach a larger number of people than the billboards. YouTube is considered as the second largest search engine in the world, which is less costly and more effective than television ads. Social media marketing gives a good promotion to your brand and you have to spend less cost on advertising.

5. Development of relationship investment

For the first time in the business world, you can build a brand relationship with your target audience online by the way of social media. People always purchase a brand that they already know and believe. The first thing is you have to get connected with your target audience on social media and the last thing is to sell your brand.

6. Honest reviews on brand, products, and services

Today, consumers of any brand give their reviews online more than ever. By those reviews, you have an opportunity to know why they love your products or services or contrary to it why they hate them. So, they give honest reviews about the brand. Hence, you have to take their reviews into consideration. In spite of feedback which can be good or bad, you have to watch regularly what they are saying about your business. It is an excellent step for improvement in your business and you also have to give them an assurance that you are caring about them.

7. Develop a community

With the help of social media, you can construct a community for your brand throughout the world.  You can create brand loyalty and community through social media marketing.

8. Word of mouth

Social media is very helpful in creating verbal evidence regarding your brand. Great content can go viral which will reach a million likes very quickly. You can also make your brand popular through the right promotion and contests.

List of social marketing jobs

Now, we are going to see a list of social media marketing jobs.

social media marketing jobs

1. Social media manager

Social media manager is one of the social media marketing jobs which is a common title which every social media professional wants to hold. In an organization, it’s the term that is used for all the people who are working with the marketing of the company on any social media platform. A social media manager also plans and execute digital marketing campaigns for a company. He also collects the data and examines results from those campaigns.

2. Social media strategist

For any company, all the necessary strategies and plans are developed by a social media strategist to improve and increase the online presence of the company. The experts in social media strategies have the priority to bring good plans. Social media strategists may be a junior role which helps and work as an assistant to the social media manager in designing and execution of social media strategy in a larger organization. A social media strategist will also provide assistance with social audit and strategy.

3. Social media specialist

This job position is not much high level but more functional and valuable than social media strategies proposed by the social media manager. But in a concise manner, their duties are more overlapped. In a larger organization which has more advancement in terms of social media, a social media specialist will have more focus on daily operation.

4. Community manager

A community manager is also one of the types of social media marketing jobs which sometimes people think is similar to the social media manager. In so many cases, the responsibilities of community manager are unlimited. In some of the companies, the social media manager does the duty or work of community manager. The community manager has the duty to have more focus on producing and advancing the brand promotion for the users and followers which will be easier for the selling process.

5. Brand ambassador

A brand ambassador is more likely similar to the job of a brand representative. It is basically a cover-all term for a person who is the supporter of a brand. It can include a famous personality who gives a good report for a brand on their social media platforms. When the audience hears the name of the brand ambassador then they get attracted to that brand. Brand ambassador comes underpaid social media marketing jobs which are relating to the promotion of a brand.

6. Brand manager

A brand manager manages and observes the work of social media manager directly or indirectly. Brand manager position is the most senior manager. He works with the marketer, advertiser, researcher and the people who develop the products and do the correction for their product. In a larger organization, they divide this brand manager position into two types such as branded manager of digital marketing and traditional brand manager. Digital brand manager is the one who controls the online work of their brand while the traditional brand manager is someone who is involved with traditional duty. His job is to anticipate how their brand will be seen in the world.

7. Chief Marketing Officer

The chief marketing officer is the one who has extreme knowledge of social media marketing. He is also the boss of the product and the team. The Chief Marketing Officer has to report their works precisely to the Chief Executive Officer of the organization. Brand management, marketing, product development, pricing, customer services, sales communication, and product distribution are looked by the Chief Marketing Officer only. He has more control over the financing and operations of the company.

8. Creative Director

A Creative Director is considered as the one who heads the creative team in the company. A Creative Director creates the outing and designing of the campaign for the brand. This will make the sale of any service and product easy. They play important and significant roles in the field of advertisement. They have to report about their work to the Chief Marketing Officer directly.

9. Digital marketing manager

In social media marketing jobs, the digital marketing manager has a very senior role. They always concentrate on online marketing instead of traditional marketing. This demands a variety of talents that starts with creativity and also includes analytical skills. They have to overlook all the fields like email, content, Search Engine Optimization, social media, and mobile apps. They are in a position which is higher than the marketing manager and social media manager.

10. Content manager

The content manager is the one who makes the content for the websites. They are in a position to manage the necessary content details of an organization. It starts by posting any written content about the brand and goes to posting videos on the blog. A digital marketing manager, brand manager, creative director, and/or a chief marketing officer manages the content writer. Their job includes creating correct content and distributing it to different channels. They also have to form a plan and create a content strategy.

Nature of the work and earnings

1. Social media manager

They have to create and execute the company’s social media strategy. They have to improve brand awareness, increase online traffic to their company’s website and generating leads and sales. Average earnings of a social media manager are $54, 238.

2. Social media strategist

They have to promote events and create contests for new products or services. All this is to be done on the company’s social media platform. They have to measure and submit a report on Return on Investment in marketing. Average earnings of a social media strategist are $ 49,395.

3. Social media specialist

Their work includes writing replies to messages and comments and to be on the top of the key trends on social media. Average earnings of a social media specialist are $ 40,991.

4. Community manager

They have to control and facilitate conversations about their organization’s products or services on social media sites. Additionally, they have to manage community members through direct messages and comments. Average earnings of a community manager are $53,978..

social media marketing jobs

5. Brand ambassador

In the easiest word, a Brand Ambassador is the human face of any brand. They have to increase brand awareness by the way of word of mouth marketing and promotion of products. Average earnings of a brand ambassador are $35,048.

6. Brand manager

They have to supervise the ad campaign creation of the product. Also, they have to check that messages and photos are the best fit for the brand’s style. Average earnings of a brand manager are $96,169.

7. Chief marketing officer

They have to plan, develop and work with various teams in an organization to executes new marketing plans and ad campaigns. Annual earnings of a chief marketing officer are around $189,521.

8. Creative director

Creative director has to work with designers, artists, sales, staff, marketers, and copywriters in order to plan and execute excellent ad marketing. Average earnings of a creative director are $133,839.


Hence, you can work as any of the above said social media marketing jobs as you like. So, do your best. Social Media Marketing jobs are very suitable for all those who are interested in and have knowledge of social media platforms. People who have nature to attract other people with their influencing skills will do well in this field. If they are able to influence the audience, can make good strategies and can implement them then social media marketing jobs are very suitable for them. You should have the talent to create such content that people get influenced by your skills. If you are dedicated to your work then success is yours in this job.

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