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Top 10 Best Part time work from home jobs To Make Money Online

Types of Part-Time Work from Home Jobs

Top 10 Best Part Time Work From Home Jobs To Make Money Online

You will be the one among 18% of the world’s workforce if you are thinking about working Part time work from home jobs. To cut down the manpower costs and to give opportunities to more number of unemployed people, many large and smaller organizations are showing interest in hiring people on part-time work from home basis.

It not only reduces the cost spend on hiring a full-time employee but also reduces the infrastructure and resources

Part Time Work From Home Jobs

To earn and afford their own expenses while studying, many students are shifting towards Part time work from home jobs which allow them to work from the comfort of their living premises. Apart from students, retired persons and housewives also look for part-time work from home jobs to earn extra income. Here, we have listed the details of the best Part Time work from home jobs and the amount of money you can make with them.

Types of Part-Time Work from Home Jobs

Coming to the types of work from home jobs, there is a huge list. There are technical and non-technical roles as well. Web designers and software jobs fall under the technical category. Freelance writing and editing, freelance customer service, data entry etc. come under non-technical jobs. Nowadays, both digital marketing and SEO have become a booming job. Most of the startups and marketing related industries are looking for freelance SEO executive, digital marketing analysts those who work from home.

1.Online education/Instructor Jobs:

Part Time Work From Home Jobs

Many E-learning institutions and apps are hiring staff for conducting online classes in various courses. Education-focused companies like Twenty 19, Byju offer remote education services ranging from tutoring and preparing candidates for competitive exams. If you are specialized in any course or subject, then you easily can find Part Time work from home job as an online tutor or instructor.

There might be a drop in the number of direct teaching jobs at schools and colleges, but they will find there is an increase in online virtual work from home jobs. Apart from online tuitions, other part-time works from home jobs in the field of education include education co-coordinators, foreign language trainers etc.

2.Jobs in the Technology Field:

Part Time Work From Home Jobs

If you are looking for well paying, part-time work from home jobs, then there are many technical jobs readily available. A lot of companies are giving opportunities to fresh talent. Many jobs in the technical field are evolving day by day along with the expansion of the technological world. There is a lot of demand for freelance web developers, Java developers, content evaluators, Photoshop professionals. If you have the right skill set, then you can earn really some good bucks by working from home.

3.Non-Technical Online Jobs:

Part Time Work From Home Jobs

Not good at technical skills? Then don’t worry, there are a lot number of non-technical profiles that let you make a decent income. Some non-technical jobs require computer or laptop whereas just a smartphone is enough for a few part-time works from home jobs. If you are good at English, you can earn well by taking up content writing assignments. Most of the companies outsource data entry projects, customer service projects, greetings making, animated video making, form filling jobs to the people those who work from home

Popular Part-Time Work from Home Jobs

Not from the two categories that we have talked so far? Then below is the list of few more popular part-time work from home jobs that are offered on a freelance basis, scroll down to check the general description of what the job duties may be.

4.Online counselor:

Pass on knowledge for graduate-level students and offering feedback and detailed guidance to the students prepare for their future. Instructions usually take place online in a virtual classroom.

5.Content Editing or Content Manager:


Work from home content writing /Managing jobs

With a good command on English, you can earn pretty well. You just need to have an idea on the given topic to write and edit content. Many companies need content for their websites. Good quality content writers are paid well. If you are an experienced writer, they can look over for content manager jobs where you need to check and correct the content written by other writers.

6.Customer Service Representative:

Work From Home Customer Service Executuve

For this job, you just need to have a desktop or laptop with a good quality internet connection and headphones. You will be trained regarding how to deal with customer’s questions, problems and solutions to solve them. Assisting customers in claiming insurance, resolving complaints on the company’s products or services are a few roles of the customer service representative.

7.Data Entry:

The easiest one among the work from home jobs is Data Entry. You have to make data in written format as per the instructions are given by the company. You will be paid well after the completion of the project.

8.Direct Sales Associate:

By bring leads to the marketing companies, you can earn a decent amount in the form of commission. Work for health insurance companies or electronic companies, sell their products and get good income. If you are good at web designing and marketing, you can create an affiliate website and generate leads for brands.

9.Social Media Manager:

Work from home social media jobs

Social media marketing has become more popular with the rapid spread of digital marketing. You can take up SMM project of any company and increase its brand awareness online by posting content, sharing interesting images, animated videos. SMM mostly includes using your creativity to engage with people and bring leads to the company.

10.Virtual Assistant

Nowadays a lot of people are earning a good income by working from home as a Virtual Assistant. One can easily grab a job as VA and work from home by possessing skills such as transcribing notes, composing and sending emails, offering language translation services etc.

How and where to find part-time work from home jobs?

With the rapid spread of internet usage, it has become very easy for people to search and apply for jobs. The number of job portals has raised in the past few years making work from home jobs searching easy for the applicants. Just pick the best job portal, register with your official mobile number. Add all the skill details that you possess. Make a good CV on any reputed job portal and start applying for jobs.

Identify what skills you have to offer

While searching for a work from home job, don’t ignore reading the notification or advertisement carefully. Scroll down the notification, you will find all the eligibility details like age, qualification, experience, location etc. Cross check all the details before submitting your application. At the same time, it is also very important to add your education, experience, expected salary etc. in your resume.

Even though it is work from home, Interviewers will look at your interpersonal skills, the ability to communicate with others and work together as a team. So prepare well before attending an interview, be it part-time or full-time work from home job.

Be Prepared to Apply Online

Keep all your skill certificates ready before attending an interview. Create your resume on job portals, make it look professional and start applying for part-time work from home jobs. One day or the other, you will definitely grab a good project from a reputed company.

There is a lot of work from home jobs out there in the market. Don’t worry about your selection, be with positive confidence and trust your talent. You will definitely get a job.

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